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Field trip

The several stopping points on this tour will allow the participants to observe  protection devices, in nearby Italy (torrential correction by wooden dams) and in the Guisane Valley.

All participants should bring personal items needed for a day outdoors walking in torrent catchment areas : solid shoes, sun and weather protection, photo camera, etc.


The main stops will be :

8.30 : Departure from Hotel

  • Stop 1 : Village of Montgenèvre - Observation of an Alcotra Interreg project of aforestation for avalanche control .
  • Stop 2 : Area of Cesana Torinese (Italy) - Visit of torrent control infrastructures : wooden dams on the Bosco torrent.

10.30 : Coffee break

  • Stop 3 : Commune of La Salle les Alpes  (Valley of the Guisane) - Protection of a holiday center against avalanches : avalanche control protection, hazard mapping, impact on tourism development.
  • Stop 4 : Commune of La Salle Les Alpes - La Salle torrent
    - Upper watershed of the La Salle torrent. About influence of permafrost and rock glaciers on mountain watersheds : Overview of rock glaciers.

13.15 : Lunch break

  • Stop 5a
    - Downstream walk in the watershed of the La Salle torrent.

16.30 : Coffee break

  • Stop 5b
    - Overview of protection works on the torrential cone of the La Salle torrent.


17.15 : End of the  field trip

18.00 : Return to the Hotel. End of the 29th Session.

A detailed programme will be given during the seminar.

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