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Exhibits and activities

Three exhibit spaces proposed parallel activities during the colloquium.

Art exhibit: “Plants throughout the Seasons”

The exhibit heralds the publication of a book by the same name dedicated to plant phenology, or the study of the annual cycle of plant development, an area of research which has come into the spotlight in an era of climate change. How is a changing climate likely to affect the development cycle of our plants? Researchers in phenology are trying to answer that question.

Participants’ poster presentations

A poster presentation area was provided for participants wishing to share their research on subjects related to the colloquium's themes. The posters provided an opportunity for exchange and broadened the scope of the colloquium.

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A Film: “Listening to the Forest”

The LWF (Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research) is the Swiss counterpart to RENECOFOR and is coordinated by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL). Like the French Network, the LWF participates in the European programme for forest monitoring, ICP Forests.

The film presents the strategies used to evaluate the forest's capacity to maintain its functions over the long term while faced with the impacts of climate change and atmospheric pollution.

Through measurements and sampling, all the compartments in the forest ecosystem, as well as the factors which influence this ecosystem, are monitored. The chemical analyses carried out in the laboratory combined with on-site measurements give life to an evolving data base. A bank of samples is also conserved to respond to future research needs. The findings obtained help establish forest health indicators, which are particularly important tools for decision-makers. Indeed, today's choices will determine what tomorrow's forests are like.

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